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ontd_tvd is a ohnotheydidnt spin-off community dedicated to the CW's hit tv show, The Vampire Diaries. Here you will find news, discussions, watch-a-longs, downloadables, and much more. All entries are locked. In order for you to see these entries you must join.


1. Make sure you have a source. Also, keep large images under a cut. That also goes for autoplay.

2. We're a not a serious business community. If you get butthurt, please take it elsewhere. Bullying a member will get you banned-hammered like the fist of an angry god. constructive criticism is encouraged. you've been forewarned. just play nice, capisce?

3. We are more interested in the show, cast members and interacting together. We're sure you make awesome TVD graphics, but this is not the place for them.

4. Don't be afraid to post but if you're not updating with news on the show or cast; make your posts interactive.

5. If you were hoping to promote your wicked-awesome community, please ask one of the mods first. Because we swear to God if you don't, we're going to have to delete it.

6. Enjoy yourselves. Remember, we're here to laugh and have fun.


have any questions, concerns, etc, comment here.